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Attention Chocolate Lovers,

You’ll Never Believe The Weight Loss Secret I Found Buried Within the Coveted Recipe Book of a Retired Celebrity Chef!

So Far, I’ve Only Shared it With My Private Coaching Clients, Until Now….

Discover The Weight Loss Secret Of The Rich and Famous


Yes, You Really Can Drop Pounds And Inches While Eating the Foods You Love, Including Chocolate


If you would like to lose up to 61 pounds, and look younger, sexier, and thinner, then this will likely be the most important message you ever read.

I am going to share with you a weight loss system that people love in Manhattan, Beverly Hills, and Miami Beach but also places like Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Tucson, Arizona. In fact, I can almost guarantee it will work for you, wherever you live.


My Own Results

This weight loss program is simple and fast, but also unique. There is nothing like it, anywhere. Before I tell you about it, let me say I am a nutrition coach, not a marketer, so I will have to tell you about it in my own words with no fluff.

The bottom line is this: I myself lost a lot of weight fast because I discovered the secret of how the one percent stay fit and trim. Then, I did some research on how to turbocharge this plan with cutting edge science. The result is the Chocolate Diet.

When I tried the system, I quickly lost 61 pounds. Later, I shared this with several of my private coaching clients, all women, and they lost the weight just like I did.

The Chocolate Diet worked for me. It has worked for my clients. And I am positive it will work for you if you try it.

Eat More, Weight Less?

Yes! This weight loss system is different because you do not starve yourself. In fact, it is likely that you will eat MORE food each day than you currently do and effortlessly drop pounds and inches at the same time. Plus, unlike other weight loss programs, you can enjoy some chocolate every single day (of course, it needs to be the right kind, at the right times, in the right way).

I know this sounds completely unbelievable; I thought so as well when I first heard about it. I was very skeptical, but then I tried it and lost 13 pounds during the first four weeks. Now, after losing 61 pounds myself, I know it works first hand.

Perhaps you will understand better about the system if I tell you how I found out about it.

The Most Powerful Food on the Planet

Some years ago, before I began helping people with weight loss, I was a working for a large investment firm, and I was invited to a rather exclusive party which was mostly attended by investment advisors and their clients (I was neither).

I was enjoying a French apéritif with a Blackberry garnish when the hostess noticed I was one of the few guests not drinking Pinot Noir. She grabbed me by the arm and said, “Oh, if you drink Kir Royale, then you must meet Rémi.”

On the way to the balcony, she told me that he had retired, but had been a secret culinary weapon within select households of Beverly Hills and Manhattan during the seventies, eighties, and nineties as a very exclusive private chef. I was intrigued.

I found Chef Rémi holding court around a small table with a Kir Royale with the skyline of Chicago at sunset glowing in the background. At one point, Rémi asked a few of us if we knew the most powerful food on the planet? People guessed things like Kobe beef or leafy greens like kale or spinach.

He shook his head and, in his charming continental accent, stated: ‘In a word, Chocolate. It calms the soul, it pleases the palate, and it slims the body.’

The Food of the Gods

One woman in the small circle scoffed at this idea because, as she claimed, everyone knows that chocolate is a high-calorie, high-fat food that wrecks diets. Rémi wryly smiled: ‘You only think that because most Americans do not know what kind of chocolate to eat, the right amount to consume, when to eat it, or even how to eat it. There is a reason the Aztecs called it the Food of the Gods.’

There was a short pause, and then the conversation shifted to some other topic of the day. I was stunned by what he had just said as it was contrary to everything I had thought about chocolate. For the next two hours, I kept wondering:

• What is the right kind of chocolate?

• What is the ideal portion size?

• When is the best time to eat chocolate? And how?

Chocolate as a Weight Loss Tool?

Yes! I further learned from the party hostess the reason Rémi had been such a popular personal chef was due to his reputation for preparing delicious and exquisite meals; yet, the women who hired him always were fit, thin, and looked years younger than their true age.

Later that evening, I found Chef Rémi again and asked him about his contrarian statement concerning chocolate and weight loss. He said he learned this secret from his own mentor, a Belgian chef, almost fifty years earlier: while too much chocolate certainly is fattening, if the right kind is consumed at the right time, in the right amount, in the right way, it actually is the best weight loss tool ever invented.

My Unexpected Education

For the next few hours, Rémi explained to me the entire weight loss system which had he provided for his celebrity clientele. Although chocolate was an essential piece of the puzzle, there was much, much more to it. That conversation changed my life, my waistline, and my career.

When Chef Rémi was done giving me an unexpected education, he said that he believed more recent scientific breakthroughs of the past ten years could make his system even better, but as a retired chef of seventy-three years who had just remarried and soon would be relocating to Costa Rica, he did not think he would be the one to improve the system. Chef Rémi put his hand on my shoulder and whispered into my ear: ‘Maybe, my friend, you will be the one to do it.’

The Student Becomes the Master

And you know what: I did just that. Over the next few years, I took the old program of Chef Rémi and combined it with the best insights from nutrition, physiology, and psychology, then tested this new system on myself. I lost 61 pounds when nothing I did before would work. My waist went from 47 inches to 34 inches. I felt great and had more energy than when I was in high school. My mood improved, and my opportunities grew as my body shrank. I looked better; I was happier.

It Transformed My Life

For almost twenty years, I tried every diet and weight-loss plan, and read every book on the topic. I bought pills, powders, potions, and patches; nevertheless, none of those quick fixes worked. I attempted to lose it in the gym and sweat it off inside hot saunas. I even tried subliminal hypnosis once. Nothing worked very long. Although I did drop a few pounds every now and then, I soon gained it all back, and often more because I always felt so hungry on traditional starvation diets.

If you have tried to lose weight before, you know exactly what I mean!

If I could lose 61 pounds this easily, then anyone in the entire world can do it. I had been overweight most of my adult life. Not just overweight, but I’ll be completely honest: I was fat. I did not like being fat – in fact, I hated it.

Imagine How Good You Will Look and Feel

The wonderful thing is this can happen to you. Your life will never the same again; I promise that. Once you start losing weight, many amazing things will happen to you, just like it did for me. You will look younger, add exciting and enjoyable years to your life, and will just feel better about yourself. My doctor said I probably added 15 years to my life. According to insurance companies, overweight and obese people are much more likely, statistically speaking, to die young.

That was the blessing of the Chocolate Diet: I was no longer tempted to overeat garbage because I ate all the delicious, real food I wanted and enjoyed some chocolate, every day, without fail.

Let me make this one last point. When I began this using this system, I was just an average American like you who was tired of being overweight and seeing my reflection in the mirror when I knew I could feel and look better.

Is This Simple and Easy?

Yes! You do not have to count calories or points, nor memorize complex food combination formulas, nor buy ‘special’ pre-packaged food. Instead, you can eat real food and get the proper balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Some Benefits of the Chocolate Diet

The Chocolate Diet helps people lose weight, improve their health, feel better and look great. In fact, there are additional benefits of the Chocolate Diet. While we can’t guarantee you will get all of these benefits, most people typically get several…

• Enjoy a healthier life
• Look ten years younger
• Clothing fits better
• Feel better
• Live longer
• Have more energy
• Increased flexibility
• Less fatigue
• Better sleep
• Reduced aches and pain
• Better sex life
• Bigger paycheck

Weight Loss Guaranteed or I Will Refund Your Money!

I am willing to bet that you are like me, and are interested in a proven weight-loss plan which really works. Especially a system that is so good that your own success can be backed by a 365-day, total satisfaction guarantee, like the one backing the Chocolate Diet.

It is true: I want you to experience the same results. I want you to be slim, trim, healthy, and happy. I am putting my money where my mouth is, so to speak.

An Affordable Weight Loss Coaching Solution

The Chocolate Diet is much better than a typical diet book or instructional program. Why? It is an entire weight loss system which includes group coaching and expert advice on customizing the general plan for your unique situation, and unparalleled support to get all your questions answered.

Do not give up and resign yourself to a lifetime of being overweight. Instead, put your confidence in the Chocolate Diet, and you will lose weight like never before. I know this system works; I am living proof of the results.




Easy and Fast Program

The program is simple as there are no points to count, no calories to count, and no complex food formals to follow. Instead, it is a program you can easily follow, allowing you to lose weight faster than you thought possible by enjoying real food and real chocolate.





High End Coaching

Every member receives executive-level group coaching as often as they need it to insure they succeed as well to answer questions, overcome roadblocks, and customize the eating plan. This is the ‘secret sauce’ of the program which just a book, a DVD, or other online programs lack.




Eat More, Weigh Less

What makes this program unique is instead of severely restricting the size of your meals (and leaving you hungry), the Chocolate Diet Program will help you choose the foods which naturally promote weight loss so you are always satisfied and satiated, making it easy to achieve you target weight.






Delicious Real Food

Yes, you really can eat chocolate and lose weight once you know the right kind, the right time to enjoy it, and the right way to eat it. Additionally, this program is based on the same whole foods your great grandparents enjoyed. There are no special, exotic, or expensive foods to purchase.


Discover Why The Chocolate Diet Is The Ideal Weight Loss Program


Simple and Easy

Unlike many weight loss plans, the Chocolate Diet is easy to start and simple to follow. There are no calories to count, points to track, entire food groups to eliminate, or complex formulas to memorize.


You will see results within the first few weeks and the healthy chocolate reward which is part of this unique weight loss plan will help you stick to the plan and achieve your weight goal.

Real Food

This program is based on the same whole foods that your grand-parents enjoyed, the natural food the human body was designed to consume. There are no special, exotic, or expensive foods to buy.


The Chocolate Diet works because the food is delicious and the program will guide you to make the best possible choices. Everything you need can be easily purchased at your local grocery store or farmers’ market.


The Chocolate Diet is not the product of one-person’s experience or opinion, but was designed using the latest results from Nutritional Science, Physiology, and Psychology.

Nutritional Literacy

The Chocolate Diet Solution is more than just a ‘how-to’ program. It is course on what to eat and why. You will receive a compete nutritional education based on the latest scientific evidence so you can make the best food choices for the rest of your life.

Permanent Weight Loss

By learning how to replace your old habits that cause weight gain with new ones which will enhance your health, wellness, and self-esteem, you can achieve permanent weight loss.

100% No Risk Guarantee

There is no risk for you to join the Chocolate Diet family. If you do not lose weight, you can get a no hassle refund on your membership for a full year.


Yes, it is true! This diet was designed so you can enjoy good healthy dark chocolate every single day and still lose weight without any guilt.

Coaching and Support

Social support increases the likelihood of achieving weight loss or fitness goals. Unlike like a book, DVD or typical online program where you are left alone to figure it out, the Chocolate Diet includes group coaching sessions provides complete support for every member.

Eat More, Weigh Less

It is no longer necessary to restrict your food, leaving you feeling deprived and hungry like most diets. Instead, the Chocolate Diet will help you choose delicious food that is naturally lower in calories and larger in volume, thereby insuring you feel satisfied and satiated so it is easy to achieve your target weight.


Due to the large number of possible foods one can eat on the Chocolate Diet, it simple to customize your daily food choices to match your own personal preferences. In fact, the Chocolate Diet is flexible enough to be compatible with the eating style of vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores

Frequently Asked Questions About The Chocolate Diet

It is a healthy, delicious, lifestyle diet that includes some of the most nutritious whole food on the planet. It was designed the current body of scientific knowledge on what are the best foods for weight loss and overall fitness.

No. Chocolate is a rich, high calorie food; therefore, it should be enjoyed in moderation. The Chocolate Diet is unique as it includes 1-2 portions of Dark Chocolate as part of the daily food plan. In fact, by eating chocolate at the right time, it can be transformed from a ‘diet saboteur’ into a weight loss tool.

No. You can buy your Dark Chocolate at your local chocolatier, supermarket, or convenience store. In the program, criteria are given for choosing the best possible chocolate.

While many people love milk chocolate and white chocolate, these are not recommended as they are not the healthiest options. Neither milk chocolate nor white chocolate have been shown to provide health benefits in scientific studies, likely due to the fact these chocolate variants have too little cacao (and the associated phytonutrients) plus too many other ingredients which do not promote nutritional excellence.

Dark Chocolate is a Superfood which contains phytonutrients (such as flavonols) and other anti-oxidants. Scientific studies have demonstrated that moderate and regular consumption of dark chocolate is linked to lower blood pressure, lower incidents of heart disease, and a lower body mass index.

Also, the current data suggests that women who enjoy dark chocolate on a daily basis actually weight less than women who do not eat dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate is a delicious superfood which contains phytonutrients and other antioxidants and has been linked to a wide number of health benefits. Nevertheless, Dark Chocolate itself does not have any ‘magical’ weight loss properties. This is not really surprising as other extremely healthy foods such as kale, broccoli, blueberries, and apples, to name a few, do not have any special weight loss properties either.

It is unfortunate that chocolate has been traditionally demonized as a ‘bad’ food and often excluded from most weight loss plans as this denial approach to a favorite food usually results in a cycle of sabotage. For chocolate lovers who want to lose weight, abstinence from all chocolate does not have the intended effect. Instead, it often leads to strong psychological cravings and chocolate binging behaviors which often derails the weight loss plan completely.

The Chocolate Diet allows for the healthy inclusion of Dark Chocolate and employs several clever psychological techniques which transform dark chocolate from a saboteur into a weight loss tool.

No. One can still enjoy animal products on the Chocolate Diet; however, it can be easily modified for vegetarians or vegans.

No. There are no points or calories to count on the Chocolate Diet. The simplicity of the plan makes this unnecessary. 

What Do I Get When I Enroll In The Chocolate Diet Program?

The Chocolate Diet is an evidence-based weight loss system which is simple, fast, and delicious, and comprised of the following interactive and continually evolving resources:

All members enjoy these exclusive benefits:

Gold and Platinum members also have access to these additional premium benefits:

Only Platinum members enjoy these first-class benefits:

Your Invitation to Enroll Today

I urge you to become a member of the Chocolate Diet program and begin shedding pounds today.

We have covered a lot of stuff in a short time. I just want to quickly re-cap why you should enroll today in the Chocolate Diet.

Fast – You will see results in days and the good chocolate integrated into the diet keeps it engaging so you stick to the plan so you achieve your weigh goal.

Simple – The plan is easy to understand and follow. There are no points to track or calories to count.

High Level Group Coaching and Support – Social support increases the likelihood of achieving weight loss or fitness goals. Unlike like a book, DVD or typical online program where you are left alone to figure it out, the Chocolate Diet weekly Group Coaching session provides support for every member. And members can assist and support each another as part of the Group Coaching sessions.

Real Food – The food on the program is almost everything your great grandparents enjoyed. It is the food the human body should consume.

Permanent Weight Loss – we help you replace old habits that cause weight gain with new ones that enhance your health and self-esteem to achieve permanent weight loss.

Healthy – The Chocolate Diet is one of the healthiest diets on the planet.

Delicious – The Chocolate Diet works because the food is delicious – and everything you need can be obtained at your local grocery store or farmer’s market.

Eat More, Weigh Less – I have mentioned this before but it so important we will mention it again. This is a big secret that the weight loss industry doesn’t want you to know: the secret to losing weight is actually eating more food, the rights foods.

Educational – The Chocolate Diet is more than just a ‘how-to’ program, it’s a short course on what to eat and why. You will learn nutritional principals so you can make the best food choices for the rest of your life.

Evidence-Based Program – This is a fancy way of saying the Chocolate Diet is based on real science. It isn’t based on just on a wild ‘theory’ or just one person’s individual experience

24×7 Access – You can access the Chocolate Diet website from anywhere in the world at anytime using a computer or mobile device and high-speed internet. You can learn 24×7 anytime it’s convenient for you.

Mobile and Tablet Ready – The Chocolate Diet website is mobile compatible with all common tablets and smartphones.

Timesaver – You can access the web site, on-line video workshops and coaching without having to travel – all you need is access to high speed Internet.

Best yet: You can begin losing weight today with no risk as I unconditionally guarantee that you will be happy with the Chocolate Diet. In fact, I am so confident your experience with this system will be positive and you will reach your target weight goal, just like my private coaching clients and myself, or I will promptly refund your money without hesitation as I am offering a 365 Day 100% No Risk Guarantee! If you do not lose weight, then you are entitled to a no-hassle refund.




Thom Quinn

Creator of the Chocolate Diet
Founder of Nutrition Coach LLC

P.S. Unlike a diet book with a “one size fits all” approach, membership in the Chocolate Diet program includes high level weight loss coaching; thereby, increasing your chances of success. You will get expert advice on how to customize the program to fit your lifestyle and have all your specific questions answered during the live group coaching sessions.

P.P.S. You can begin losing weight today like a celebrity with a system and coaching by joining the Chocolate Diet program. This unique weight reduction system is like no other as it is time tested and allows one to enjoy delicious food, especially chocolate, without chocolate, without starving oneself, so you can sculpt the body you deserve.

Silver Membership

$ 47 per Month
  • 1 Weekly Group Session
  • Quick Start Video
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Chocolate Diet Food Pyramid
  • Chocolate Diet Modules
  • Weekly Recipe Emails
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Bonus: Dining Out Guide
  • Bonus: Goal Setting Workshop
  • Bonus: Nutrition Coach Elite
  • Bonus: Book (NYT #1 Best Seller)
  • 1-on-1 Personal Coaching
  • No Hassle, 365 Day Guarantee

Gold Membership

$ 97 per Month
  • 3 Weekly Group Sessions
  • Quick Start Video
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Chocolate Diet Food Pyramid
  • Chocolate Diet Modules
  • Weekly Recipe Emails
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Bonus: Dining Out Guide
  • Bonus: Goal Setting Workshop
  • Bonus: Nutrition Coach Elite
  • Bonus: Book (NYT #1 Best Seller)
  • 1-on-1 Personal Coaching
  • No Hassle, 365 Day Guarantee

Platinum Membership

$ 197 per Month
  • 5 Weekly Group Sessions
  • Quick Start Video
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Chocolate Diet Food Pyramid
  • Chocolate Diet Modules
  • Weekly Recipe Emails
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Bonus: Dining Out Guide
  • Bonus: Goal Setting Workshop
  • Bonus: Nutrition Coach Elite
  • Bonus: Book (NYT #1 Best Seller)
  • 1-on-1 Personal Coaching
  • No Hassle, 365 Day Guarantee

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